Weekly Update February 5, 2018

Hello Everyone!

We had a great week in second grade full of fun activities! We started off the week filling our marble jar to earn another Marvelous Moments Party. We will celebrate on Monday, February 5th with Horrible Hair Day. Anything goes for horrible hair! We also celebrated the 100th Day of School on Thursday and played a fun math game called “Roll to 100.” The kids had a lot of fun with their partners and also used their math skills to build addition sentences that would get them to 100 on a hundred chart. Finally, we had a wonderful “goodbye” breakfast together as a class full of donuts, muffins, donut-holes (compliments of Sofi) and lots of smiles. Thank you all for your support, generosity, and well wishes as I approach my final week of pregnancy. I will miss the kids very much, but will be sure to send them photos from time and will come in as soon as Baby Littleton is old enough 🙂

Important Notes:
– Valentines Day and Eva’s Birthday: We will be celebrating both on Wednesday the 14th. Again, you may bring in a small treat to go along with valentines. Please be sure to have your child write a valentine for everyone in the classroom. I have attached again a class list for your reference 🙂
– Parent Teacher Conferences are February 20th and February 21st. I realize Donna will be having conferences with you after only being in the room for a couple of weeks. I will be leaving behind notes for her to bring up should I have any special concerns, otherwise she will be taking care of conferences and times.
– Book Reports: Thanks so much to everyone for getting in touch with me concerning the Who Was/Is series. So far I believe we have nearly everyone with a person chosen for their book report. They have until Wednesday, February 7th to choose their person. Book reports are due February 28th.

This Week:

Reading: This week we will be reading a biography “My Name is Gabriela” with our essential question focusing on Why are reading and writing important.

Phonics and Spelling: Our phonics and spelling skill this week focuses on the long e sound for y and to change y to an i.

Vocabulary: Our strategy this week is working with suffixes -y and -ful

Grammar: We will begin working on the verb be

Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Our Target Skill will be working on understanding characters and author’s word choice. Our Target strategy is to analyze and evaluate

Math: We took our first Check Progress this week practicing with counting coins. The class did great with this, but reinforcement from home will be incredibly beneficial. If you have any change in your car or purse see if your child can count how much you have! Bonus if they can count amounts over a dollar 🙂 This week we will be comparing money, making change, adding and subtracting money and working with the dollar.

History: This week we will be talking about America at War and learn about the boat Old Ironsides, and how she got her nickname.

Science: We completed Investigation 2, which studied precipitation and condensation. We talked a lot about how when water is heated it rises into our atmosphere and condenses as it rises. Once it has condensed it forms into a cloud- once the cloud becomes “full” we have precipitation. This week we will begin Investigation 3 where we explore precipitation and collection.

On a personal note, thank you all again for making my job easy this year and being so wonderful to work with. I look forward to completing the year with the class before the move onto third grade!

Best Wishes,
Brittany Littleton

“The best teachers are the ones who tell you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

Class List

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