Feb.3, 2018 Newsletter

Good Morning Families,

Whew!! We made it through another week of school without the flu bug catching us! 3 Cheers!!
Leslie is very diligent in wiping Lysol on tabletops, door knobs and spraying the room. Thank you parents for keeping us in Lysol wipes. We hope everyone in your family is well.

We focused on letters E and F this week. I read the story of “Elmer the Elephant.” Elmer was a multi colored elephant who felt out of place with the other elephants. At the end of the story he embraced his uniqueness. I loved the way the children created their own Elmer.
Along the lines of the letter E, we learned of the solar eclipse. Since the class missed the real eclipse, they got to see fantastic pictures of the real thing. How did you like the project
depicting the eclipse? For letter F, we made the cutest frog project/game. It’s a good eye-hand coordination game when the frog has to catch the bug in his mouth. Also to reinforce letter F, we predicted and demonstrated which items would Sink or Float. The children made good predictions, but were surprised with some items. Ask your child why objects sink or float. Try this fun experiment at home……. makes a good indoor activity.

Since the groundhog came out of his burrow yesterday, we discovered shadows. Luckily, with the abundance of sunshine this week, we were able to find our shadow and shadows of other things. We heard a groundhog story and poems and created a puppet coming out of his burrow. I hope his prediction is wrong because the Georgia groundhog did see his shadow which means 6 more weeks of Winter!!

Next week’s themes will be Review of Letters A-F and Hibernation.

Our Valentine’s Day Party will take place on Wed. Feb 14. The party moms are planning a fun morning and we will exchange cards that day. Please bring 13 UNADDRESSED cards for classmates. Encourage your child to sign his name on the card.

Conference times will be assigned soon for Tues. Feb.20 (morning only) and Wed. Feb.21. (until 2:00). PLEASE let me know which day and time you would like your conference to be.

On a personal note, my daughter, Nina, has produced a Superbowl commercial for Pringles
which will be broadcast during the first half of the game!!!!!! Needless to say, her dad and I are so very proud of her!!! Kellogg’s (owns Pringles) paid 6 million to air the 30 second commercial!!!! WOW!!!!!

Have a Super(bowl) Weekend,

Wanda and Leslie

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