Class Update February 5 Week

Greetings Families,
Can you believe it? This week, our class will be celebrating our 100th Day of School! Wahoo! Here are some details about this week:

*If you notice any signs of illness in your child, please keep him/her home and consult with your health care provider for proper treatment regimes. Please allow more than 24 hours absence if your child develops flu-like symptoms.
*Thank you for sending in donations for our Pajama Day, 100th Day of School, and our Valentine Party. When you send in a donation, you receive a little thank-you note and your child receives a tiny treat.
*Have fun working with your little ones as they handwrite their classmates’ names! Valentines can be sent in anytime, as we are happy to store them in the classroom for you.
*A special thank you to parents who have been extremely complimentary in the last week. It is so meaningful to hear the kind feedback about the things your children and you like about the classroom, the academic activities, and our classroom practices. I am looking forward to continuing our friendly conversations during conferences!
*This week, you will notice that the children have moved onto writing their first and last names. We will be working on this through May.

*Please save these dates:
Date Event Place Time
Thursday, February 8 100th Day of School
Wednesday, February 14 Valentine’s Day Party
Monday, February 19 President’s Day – NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, February 20 Conferences
Wednesday, February 21 Conferences

Curriculum Notes for the Week:
*Morning Work: The children will take a few minutes to practice activities with the letter N. After morning work, the children get to enjoy some playtime with their classmates.
*Happily Ever After (The Nightingale): We will begin our new unit by listening to the story, reading through our own little storybooks, playing a game called “X marks the spot,” sequencing words, matching patterns, and categorizing.
*Letter (N): This week we will read books with letter N sounds. We will identify upper and lowercase n, determine pictures that begin with n, and create a nest word wheel, and make noodle neckties.
*Social Studies (Family as Community): We are continuing our unit on how we help at home. This week, we will discuss our Helping Song and draw pictures of how people in our family help.
*Math (Unit 3/Patterns Plus): This week we will identify color patterns using cubes and create ABC patterns on paper. We will play hopscotch using number patterns, and we will also be counting out treats by tens all the way to 100!

Mystery Reader
(Please bring at least 2 books that are age appropriate) and wait out in the hallway until we announce you.
Date: Friday, February 9 Child: Lily Adult: Reasey Time: 1:15pm

If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.
Dr. Elizabeth Hill and Ms. Hannah Frary

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