The first week of February!

Good afternoon, Parents,

General Lee, the Groundhog, has predicted 6 more weeks of winter and so has his colleague, Punxsutawney Phil, in Pennsylvania. From the looks of the weather report, that is what will be in the works for at least the next couple of weeks. Please ask your students to wear appropriate clothing to school so that we can keep them healthy and avoid the flu rush that some of our lower grades have experienced. We are encouraging hand washing all of the time, and the use of Lysol spray and wipes will help us battle this unwanted virus! As chance would have it, my husband, son, and I took care of our GrandTwins this weekend overnight. Sweet Gavin has the flu we just learned today after he came down with a 103-degree fever. He has been on antibiotics for an ear infection, but we all know that the flu is not affected by antibiotics! Poor baby! We kept his sister, Sierra, overnight tonight again to try to keep her from coming down with the flu. Here is hoping that we are all spared!

Our week in class for science, history, and mathematics will be a bit quieter than normal. Here are some of the events you can expect:

History: History tests were well done, overall. I did allow students to make corrections this time because it was a very difficult unit that we studied over a prolonged period of time because of weather issues. We are concentrating on the research paper this week. Note cards should be completed by the end of the day on Wednesday. I have been given two students note cards already-woohoo!

Science: Performance Assessments are happening in the lab this week. All lab groups are designing two experiments that demonstrate the conversion of sound energy to mechanical energy and also chemical energy to heat energy. This assessment will take us until the end of the week.

Mathematics: Students are doing well with long division. We may have an open book quiz on Friday. I will let students know by the middle of the week.

Thank you for attending the Jekyll Island Meeting on Friday. I hope that you went away with a sense of excitement for your students! It is a wonderful learning experience, and I thank you for making it possible! Please let Mrs. Leagan or I know if you have any questions about this trip.

My best,
Cindy Kuegeman
Lead Fourth Grade Teacher
The Wood SAcres School

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