Weekly Update 1/29-2/2

Hello Everyone,
It’s been a very busy week in Kindergarten!
We continued our booklet on “Us”. The children really enjoyed our song about all the SUPERKIDS. They all did a fantastic job on their word list tests! The dictation grades were equally good and I am so proud of them!! We have really been working hard on our vowels and it shows. The children read the story in our booklets first to themselves, then followed as I read, and then read as a class. Students continue to read to Mrs. Schneider and me on a daily basis. The rhythm of their reading is improving quickly. We will take our End of the Level test Monday and I anticipate they will do well.

We continue to work on our addition and the children are breezing through. We also took our Cumulative Review last week on Chapters 1-7. Most everyone did very well. Look for it to come home on Monday. Our Chapter 7 test will happen on Tuesday, 2/6.
Our 100th day activities were a great success. Thank you for helping the kids bring in their items. They did an awesome job of presenting and the others did a super job of guessing. We then put our items into groups of ten and counted the groups. We also played a game of rolling dice, coloring and counting with our partners.

We began our unit on Mt. Rushmore and we will study all 4 presidents who are carved there. We began with President George Washington. We made a small booklet about him and we will be reading a few more books on Monday. Then we will cover Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. We will be doing crafts to go along with our studies.
Note: We also had a ton of fun on Groundhog Day last week. We made a groundhog puppet and read about the legend.

The kids really had fun last week continuing with our unit on the senses. We reviewed all the senses and then we continued by experimenting with cubes, gravel, and Kool-Aid powder (solids). Then we experimented with water, oil, and syrup (liquids). We recorded our data using our sense of sight, touch, hearing and smelling. The only sense we did not use was taste.

REMINDERS: VIP next week will be Emerson. Our Valentine party will be Wednesday, 2/14. More to follow.

Please Note: I will be sending out conference sheets as soon as possible. If you have a particular date that works better for you, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request. If you’d like to conference with me before the appointed time, we can arrange that as well.

Thanks again for all your support and let me know if you have any questions.
Melinda Taylor

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