News Flash!

Good Evening –
We were happy to have our class back to full attendance today! It is a bit odd to learn that it is easier to teach a class with all your students there than it is with multiple students absent!! I guess we are like a team, all of the members need to be there for us to be able to perform at our best!

We are continuing to work on the letter U. It is a bit of a tricky letter as the sound can be the short or long vowel sound. Quite a learning opportunity for everyone though! We were able to finish up our Happily Ever After Nightingale unit. The kids were good at identifying their left and right hand and then transferring it to the left and right side of the paper. They listened carefully to identify before and after, top and bottom, left and right, and sequencing first, next and last. Those are some tricky concepts. They all worked hard to do their best.

Mrs. Staggs had a great lesson in Science today. The kids were thrilled to make instant snow. The results of thier efforts are in a ziploc bag in their folders. Ask them if they remember what materials they used to conduct the experiment. Mrs. Staggs made a batch for them to play with after lunch. They poured, scooped and measured with this fun, new tactile material.

Tomorrow is our 100th day!! We will spend the day seeing how many ways we can create 100!! If you have not already done so, please remember to send in a small baggie with 100 items in it. It’s going to be a fantastic, fun, full day!!

We will be sharing Valentine’s next Wednesday. Please plan to send in fifteen for your child to share. You can write each classmate’s name on the valentine or just send in 15 not addressed but signed. Either way is fine.

I am setting the schedule for conferences tonight. If you have not expressed a preference of day/time to me yet, please do so quickly as I hope to send home the scheduled times tomorrow.

Have a good night.

Ms. Manning