Friday’s Feb.9 newsletter

Good Evening Families,

Wow! What a fun day we had at the Woods! We enjoyed playing on the playground in our pajamas no less and what a picture perfect weather day! I think I can count on one hand the times we have played outside since December, so it was a real treat today.

Yes, we wore our pajamas so we could hibernate like some of the animals do in Winter. We role played with animal crowns, each animal going to their specified home. I am posting a couple of photos of the class posing with their crowns. Can you see the bears, bunnies, bats and birds? Every child got to play each animal. What fun!!

It was review week with letters from Aa-Ff. In Investigator Club, we played games placing the letters in alphabetical order and then found the missing letter when Bruno Bee covered one up. We matched capital letters with their lower case. Today, the class fed The Letter Muncher his favorite letters. What better way to reinforce learning than to play games?

The children began a Valentine’s Day craft that is not quite finished yet. It will be ready on Monday. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, our party is this Wednesday. Don’t forget to send in 13 UNADDRESSED cards for all the classmates! We will do an exchange Wed. morning.

Next week, we tackle letters Gg and Hh. I will also do assessments for your child’s progress report. I am looking forward to meeting with you during conferences. Bring your questions.

Have a pleasant weekend.

Wanda and Leslie

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