Fun in February!

100 Day was a success! We met with our book buddies and practiced doing lots of things 100 times, like making a funny face and holding it for 100 seconds or doing 100 jumping jacks. Our snack was yummy and our necklace was fun to make. Now we must move on-ward to our next events!

**Mardi Gras is Tuesday. A parent plans to bring in a King Cake. I have some beads but can always use more. Send snack in as regular since we will have a piece of cake at the end of the day.

**Our Valentine’s Party is this Wednesday from 2-3. Along with the games, snacks, and centers, they will also pass out their Valentine’s during this time. We are making large envelopes this week for the Valentine’s to go in. Please make sure every child has a Valentine and goodie. You can send them in starting tomorrow. Your child will not be able to participate in receiving Valentines if they do not bring Valentine’s in to share. Thank you for understanding.

Center 1: Decorate Cupcakes
Center 2: Snacks and drinks …seem to be missing 1 snack (They can put s’mores pieces in a bag to take home???)
Center 3: Bingo
Center 4: Hot lips game
Whole class: Pass out Valentine’s


​**​C​onferences are next week. ​

**We started the Dr. Seuss project with picking the book and writing the report first. A few groups are ready to begin their diorama tomorrow. The week following conferences is Dr. Seuss week. Each day will be themed with certain things to wear or do for the day. It is already posted on the Shutterfly calendar, and I will also send out an email reminder the week of conferences.

With Mrs. Peltier taking Mrs. Littleton’s place for maternity leave, Maria Staggs is reading with our group everyday from 8:30-9:00. For now, I have her working in small groups going over main idea, setting, problem, and solution.

Math facts are coming along and we have 7’s this week and 8’s the week AFTER conferences. I will send home the 8’s in this weeks Friday folder to allow for LOTS of extra practice since the 8’s are the hardest fact to get down.
Our spelling words increased to 15 this week. We will do a practice test for THIS WEEK only on Thursday and will re-take on Friday if need be. The week after conferences, we will go back to the same test schedule, Fridays only.

Please continue to send in snack, order lunch AHEAD of time, and send back library books. Have a wonderful week and let’s hope everyone continues to stay healthy!!