The week before Conferencing!

Dear Parents,

The soggy weather this weekend has given me an opportunity to get some work done around my house, catch up on grading, and take care of my husband who now has the flu! Poor guy! Fortunately, it is not the “bad one!” Whew! I hope that none of you have been hit by this virus! We have been doing a lot of hand washing, cleaning with Lysol wipes, and disinfecting of door handles, cabinet knobs, and chair backs. I hope this effort on everyone’s part is working!

This week, students will have several assessments. Mrs. Leagan and I have tried to arrange our schedules so there is not more than one test a day. Here is our schedule:

Mathematics: Mrs. Kuegeman’s Homeroom Only: An Open-Book Math Quiz will be given tomorrow morning. On Tuesday, there will be a Chapter 5 Test on Division. On Wednesday, students will have a Cumulative Math Test. Student performance on the quiz tomorrow will help me decide if I need to move the Chapter Test back a day. I will let students know at the end of the day tomorrow. They are doing a very good job on the skills in this chapter thus far!

Science: Students have just completed the CELL on Forms of Energy. The Performance Assessment went very well. There are a few students who will finish up tomorrow. Students were tasked with designing, testing, and writing two experiments. One had to show the transformation of energy from Sound Energy to Mechanical Energy, and the other experiment had to demonstrate how Chemical Energy transforms to Heat Energy. Good work! This week we will wrap up this CELL and have a quiz on Thursday. Our next CELL is Ecosystems and Adaptations which will prepare them for the trip to Jekyll Island-yeah!

History: Note cards are completed for the state research project, and students will begin writing their rough draft/sloppy copy tomorrow! I am very happy with how engaged they have been so far. We will be making reference cards this week so students will be able to return books to the library at the end of the week.

Our conferencing schedule is on our blog on the Wood Acres website. Please look there for any information you may need for our upcoming conferences. Thank you!

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

My best,

Cindy Kuegeman
Lead Fourth Grade Teacher
The Wood Acres School

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