News Flash!

Good Evening –
I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend. The rain, though needed, is difficult to navigate when it lasts the entire weekend!!
Last week, we had fun celebrating our 100th day on Thursday! The kids were excited to share their 100 items, and most of them were able to sort them into groups of 10 and count to 100. They also enjoyed all of the fun projects we had for them that day. Mrs. Staggs led them in a project where they created a self-portrait of themselves at 100 years-old!! Stop in to check them out if you get a chance.
We also hung up the beautiful Snowy Owls that they made in Art with Mrs. Doherty. They are amazing artists. In Spanish the are learning shapes including corizone, whis is Spanish for heart. In PE, they are still focused on Gymnastics and learned the kangaroo walk. In Computer they had fun wworking on patterns.
We began our new Happily Ever After unit, The Tug of War. In this unit they will focus on describing words, wide and thin, position words, up and down, and what an arrow shape signifies. They will continue to develop their skills in following oral directions, and left to right and top to bottom tracking.
Our new Unit will begin this week and it will focus on patterns. This week they will learn to create and extend a variety of patterns with Unifix cubes and they will hop out patterns on a number grid. They love this unit. It really solidifies their understanding of patterns.
On Wednesday we will be exchanging Valentines. Please send in 14 Valentines no later than Wednesday. You can have them addressed with their classmates names, or just have them sign them. We will help get them distributed.
I am taking donations of heart stickers if you come across any. We use them for a variety of projects throughout the year. Of course, now is the best time to stock up!

Have a great night.
– Ms. Manning