3rd grade Spanish Class Update

Hello 3rd grade parents,

I hope that all is well with our 3rd grade families. In Spanish class, we are currently on Unit 3 in textbooks. In this unit, we are learning about classroom objects, asking and answering what objects in the classroom are, and asking to borrow classroom objects. We also have been learning how to describe where something is, using “encima”, “debajo”, “dentro”, and “al lado”. In addition to this, we have learned how to ask where something is. Beginning this week, we began our new lesson on the body. We have been learning the different body parts, along with learning how to describe what others look like, using vocabulary like “bajo/a, alto/a, flaco/a, and guapo/a”. When we return from break, we will begin to review for our Unit 3 Test, which will cover the previous topics. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at xturner@woodacresschool.org. Have a wonderful weekend!

Xavier Turner
Grammar School Spanish