4th Grade Spanish Class Update

Hello 4th grade parents,

Let me start off by saying that we have had a very productive week in Spanish class here at the Woods!
We continued our week with our Unit 4, our unit on cities/towns and the important places located in a city/town. The unit vocabulary includes “lugares” (places), such as “el parque”, “el hospital”, “el supermercado”, and “la estación de autobuses”. Also in this unit, we are continuing to study the verb “ir”. Our students continued to learn how to use this word to learn how to say how and where they are going. Our students also learned about new exciting places in a town and also, some familiar places that we go to all the time. We also received a new vocabulary list this week to study their vocabulary words throughout the upcoming week, in addition to our lists from last week.

Furthermore, we began on our new vocabulary list that includes things that we find around our town, such as “el paso de cebra” (crosswalk), “el puente” (bridge), “la acera” (sidewalk), etc. Once we have finished reviewing this vocabulary, we will apply it to our unit grammar so that we can continue to describe where people go around town. Also, after we return from break, we continue to review these topics for our Unit 4 Test the following week. Lastly, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at xturner@woodacresschool.org. Have a wonderful weekend!

Xavier Turner
Grammar School Spanish