5th Grade Spanish Class Update

Hello 5th grade parents,

We finished a wonderful week beautifully, and we made amazing progress on our unit about family and characteristics. In conjunction with our vocabulary, we also learned and reviewed a good chunk of grammar, using our verbs: “tener” (to have) and “ser” (to be). We completed many activities where we described our family members using our characteristics, family member vocabulary, and our grammar pieces both orally and in writing.

We learned lots of vocabulary (la camisa, los pantalones, los zapatos, etc.) and learned how to use the verb “llevar” (to wear) to describe what people are wearing.This week of work helped us prepare for our family member project, which we will present the week after next week on Monday, the 26th. All students have received rubrics for this project today and have begun working. I have also posted the rubric on this post so that parents can have a reference for the project. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at xturner@woodacresschool.org. Have a wonderful weekend!

Xavier Turner
Grammar School Spanish

5th Grade (Unit 3 La familia) project rubric