Ms. Portos’s 4’s newsletter

Hey there!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This week we introduced the letter W. We also continued to work on our Literacy unit, The Tug of War. We will finish this unit next week!

We started off the week on Monday with a Valentine sheet! The children worked to identify color words and numbers. Then we went to Spanish where we worked on the colors red and purple. We also made Valentine cards. Once we returned from Spanish, we made a walrus. The children did such a wonderful job on them! We finished off the day with a whale dot to dot. This helped us recognize and identify uppercase letters.

Tuesday we worked on a whale sheet. This helped us to recognize the letter W. Then we went to P.E. where we, finished tumbling and started to work on forward rolls. When we returned from P.E. we worked on sequencing of events. The children had to put the events in order. They all worked so hard on this. During lunch, Margo’s mom came in to celebrate Mardi Gras! We even got to have some King cake! Thank you so much Margo’s mom!

Wednesday was a special day for our class! We celebrated Valentines Day and Roberto’s birthday! Happy Birthday Roberto! We started off the day with a wagon sheet. The children had to recognize upper and lower case W’s. This sheet also worked on identifying color words. When we returned from recess, we worked on our Happily Ever After unit, The Tug of War. Then we went to our Art special where we worked on making hearts using the letters V and M! When we returned from Art, we made a heart number line! This was super difficult because we had to get to 20! The children worked so quietly in their own special spots! When we finished, we had lunch and then were able to play for the day! At the very end of the day we exchanged Valentines! What a fun day full of learning and play! Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday we worked on dotting upper and lower case W’s. This helped the children to recognize the letter. Then we went to Spanish where we played shape and color bingo! When we finished Spanish, we went to our Music special! We danced and sang our hearts out! We have some of the best singers in our class! When we returned from Music, the children worked on a web cutout sheet. They had to identify pictures starting with the letter W. Then they had to put their fine motor skills to work by cutting and gluing! Once they were done with lunch, they worked on identifying a few color words and shapes. This was part of our math lesson.

We ended the week on Friday with a watermelon sheet where the children had to recognize upper and lower case W’s. This sheet also worked on identifying color words. Then we worked on a windmill dot to dot sheet. This helped the children to identify the numbers one to twenty. At the end of the day we talked about Presidents Day since we will be off on Monday for the holiday! The children told us why they would make a great President! We even had a special Popsicle treat!

I hope everyone has a wonderful extended weekend! Looking forward to seeing you all at conferences.

Thank you,
Ms. Porto

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