5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of February 20th

Photo Highlight of the Week: We loved exchanging special gifts with our book buddies on Valentine’s Day!

Thank you so much for all the Valentine’s Day goodies and fun this week! Thank you especially to Jessica Gordon for our Valentine’s Day treat. It was enjoyed by all!

Math: Last week, students loved incorporating the Winter Olympics into our graphing unit by tracking the medal count with line plots and analyzing the data. They are on display in the room, so make sure to check it out during conferences! This week, students will practice interpreting a variety of graphs, including circle graphs, histograms, and stem-and-leaf plots.

Science: This week, we will wrap up Investigation Two in our Simple Machines Cell. In Investigation Two, students explored the concept of work. They learned that work is measured in Joules and are exploring the relationship between force, distance, and work done.

ELA: This week we are focusing on topic sentences and grammar. I’ll introduce the students to five different types of topic sentences to help us prepare for our outlines the following week. In grammar, we’ll study words commonly misused and words commonly misspelled.

History: Westward Expansion independent study packets are due on Thursday, with the exception of one flyer that they created in technology class. Some students still need to print their flyer out. On Friday, we will celebrate Cowboy Day! We will share our western-themed stories around the campfire and enjoy a little treat! All are welcome to dress the part in the morning and may bring a change of clothes if they want to.