Our Week

Good Afternoon –
I hope that this update finds everyone enjoying the extra day off and time with your family.

Mrs. Staggs and I had a busy week finializing all of the kids assessment tasks for the conferences we will be conducting tomorrow and Wednesday. It is nice to see how much they have learned and how their confidence has grown. I look forward to chatting with everyone.

Of course Valentine’s Day was the highlight of their week. Thank you to parent volunteers, Hannah Franson, Rebecca Darragh, Eve Armstrong, and Elizabeth Coffey. The kids had fun playing bingo, eating a yummy snack, making bracelets and decorating bags. They were very excited when it was time for them to pass out the Valentine’s that they brought to share. They did a great job getting them into each other’s bags.

I have two Happily Ever packets show everyone at their conferences. We have just barely begun the next unit, The Tug of War. We will move through that one quite quickly once we get back on Thursday.

Mrs. Staggs taught a Science lesson based on the book, What if you had Animal Teeth by Sandra Markle. The kids love this book series and enjoyed creating and imagining what kind of animal teeth that they would like to have!

Thank you to everyone who shared a Valentine gift with me. I love the goodies and the flowers. They really brightened my day!

Thank you –
Ms. Manning