February 26 – March 2

Save the Dates:
March 30 – Early Release; 1:00 P.M.
April 2-6 – Spring Break

What’s Going on in our Classroom:
Reading: We will dive back into Despereaux next week with new literature circle groups. Please remember to answer all comprehension questions thoughtfully, in complete sentences, and with correct punctuation.

Writing: Our onomatopoeias are up for your viewing pleasure. We will write up a snip-it of our biographies next week to help us remember our Living Museum experience.

Grammar: We will review for our Unit 4 test that will be next week on adjectives, adverbs, and negatives. Please look over these pages to help prepare you 🙂

Spelling: Our spelling words next week are staring, indulge, weep, continues, humor, happened, flame, limits, dungeon, forgiveness, freedom, friendship, suffering, conversation, domain, prisoner, tablecloth, clothes, destined, and minstrels. Two spelling options are due on Friday. Students will be tested on these words Friday.

Vocabulary: Lesson 14 words for next week are: admirable, automatic, devotion, distant, dreary, exhaust, kindle, predict, separation, and stunt. A test will be given on Friday for this unit.

Math: We will have a test next week over long division. Please practice all long division concepts as they will be mixed up.

History: Hopefully Roman gods, goddesses, and mythological creations have started on those brown rolls of paper. Please do not hesitate to ask questions for this project! We will have a mini-quiz next week over lessons 1-4 in our Roman unit before moving ahead with lesson 5.

Happy weekend,

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