Class Update February 26 Week

Greetings Families,
Thank you for coming in for conferences. We hope you have enjoyed the school year thus far, and we look forward to sharing March, April, and May with you and your child. Here are some details about this week:

*There are some Mystery Reader spots available for the month of March. Please sign up for a spot if you have not yet had a turn.
*If you are reading this newsletter, please tell your child our secret word for tomorrow, Tuesday (February 27), which is “Underwear” (for the letter U). Children can come up to Dr. Hill at the beginning of their day and whisper the word in her ear. Remember, it’s a secret, so one kid can’t tell another kid the secret word! ?
*Friday, March 30 is an EARLY DISMISSAL day. All children need to be picked up by 1:00. There will be no Treehouse services that afternoon.
*Please add the words “pretty” and “play” to the pink word list that was given to you during conferences.
*Please make sure your child has a COMPLETE change of clothes in case of a potty accident. A complete change of clothes includes: underwear, socks, pants/shorts, shirt.
*Remember to download photos from Shutterfly periodically. After the school year ends in May, the site will be inaccessible. It’s been such a joy to capture moments of your little ones in our classroom this year!

*Please save these dates:
Date Event Place Time
Friday, March 16 St. Patrick’s Day Snack after lunch
Friday, March 30 Early Dismissal/NO Treehouse 1:00pm
April 2-6 Spring Break

Curriculum Notes for the Week:
*Morning Work: The children will take a few minutes to practice activities with the letter U. After morning work, the children get to enjoy some playtime with their classmates.
*Happily Ever After (The Tug of War): We will begin our unit by listening to the story, coloring an illustration to go on our unit folder, listening for comprehension, following arrows, and introducing concepts wide/thin/same/different.
*Letter (U): This week we will read books with letter U sounds. We will identify upper and lowercase u, determine pictures that begin with u, make a unicorn, and paint an undersea painting.
*Science (Letter of the Week Animals): Now that we have finished our months-long unit on the human body, we are ready to move on to learning about animals around us. We will be learning about some undersea and underground animals this week for the letter U.
*Social Studies (Community Helpers): We are beginning our unit on people in our community. This includes: fire fighters, police officers, doctors, dentists, farmers, veterinarians, mail carriers, librarians, sanitation workers, highway construction workers, crossing guards, and bus drivers. We will sing a song about community helpers and match helpers to their jobs.
*Math (Unit 4/Measure Up): This week we will begin our unit by comparing lengths of classroom objects to a straw. We will also try to draw lines that are longer and shorter than an object given.

Mystery Reader
(Please bring at least 2 books that are age appropriate) and wait out in the hallway until we announce you.
Date: Friday, March 2 Child: Miles Adult: Gerard Time: 1:15pm

If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.
Dr. Elizabeth Hill and Ms. Hannah Frary

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