Terrific Tuesday

Terrific Tuesday
Hello Everybody,
Seeing the sun today has been terrific and a beautiful sight to see. Let’s enjoy the sunshine today because I believe clouds and rain are in store for us the rest of this week. Nature is happy but recess could be a challenge.
This week is all about learning more Customary Units of Measurement, Parts of Speech, and revisiting the Writing Process. So let the juices flow as we write our research papers, create delicious descriptions for our menu, and practice the different kinds of measurement.
Speaking of our menu project, we will begin this cute and appetizing assessment next week, so we need to hunt for just the right pictures of meals to describe for our project. If you come across some tasty pictures for us to use, please send them in with your student because this dish could be the finishing touch.
Thank you for attending your student’s conference last week. I feel we covered a lot of ground as we get ready for the rest of this grading period and the school year. I just can’t believe that May 24 is less than three months away. Please know that I am always available to talk if a question comes up about your student’s progress.
Our fourth graders did a terrific job in debating and deciding on this year’s book title and theme. They voted on writing about Fourth Grade’s Terrific Times. Mrs. Kuegeman and I were quite impressed with the effort that went into determining and deciding on the topic would fit this group of students the best. Congrats to all, so let the writing begin!
Quick reminder that the 3rd book report presentations are Friday, March 16. We sure hope you can join us for a great day of talent along with a few butterflies.
Take care, and enjoy this last week of February.
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade teacher