March is Here!

Reading – We have already finished Book 1 & Book 2 of Despereaux, and our journey continues next week with Miggery Sow’s story. Literature circle groups were new and improved! They’re getting the hang of it 🙂 Comprehension questions, “jobs”, and reading should be almost a nightly homework assignment.

Writing – We will switch over our onomatopoeias soon, so please stop by and read these if you haven’t already. A brief snip-it of their historical figure from the Living Museum plus a snazzy photo of them will be going up.

Grammar – We will begin Unit 5 on pronouns.

Vocabulary – Unit 15 words for next week are: abundant, barrier, conceive, formal, inquire, penalize, picturesque, predator, privilege, and slumber. Please visit to review or play games for this test on Friday. These lessons are getting tougher…

Spelling – Our spelling words for next week are: conquerors, enemy, governor, provinces, citizens, columns, languages, wealthy, consul, soldiers, jealous, powerful, general, escaped, Egypt, Cleopatra, palace, advisers, beautiful, and royal. Two spelling options for these words are due Friday. Students will be tested on these words Friday.

Math – We have started our geometry unit! Students should be ‘hunting’ for various lines and angles this weekend wherever they may go. We will have a mini-quiz over these next week before moving ahead into triangles and polygons.

History – We have started our next chunk of lessons for our Roman unit. Remember, student bio’s for their chosen god, goddess, or mythological creature are due Friday! Please see attachment for this sheet.

A few important dates…
* 3/9 – Roman Research Due
* 3/22 – Report Cards
* 3/30 – Roman Figures Due; Early Release – 1:00 P.M.

Enjoy the weekend,

Roman Research

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