News Flash!

Happy Friday –
The weather this week ended with a bang! Everyone was so happy to see the sun and get outside to run around. I think this weekend will be the first rain-free one we’ve had in a while. I hope everyone has a chance to get out and enjoy it!!

Whirly Gigs, watermelon and webs were the theme of the week as we explored the letter W. The kids were able to think of many words that began with this sound. Spend some time this weekend brainstorming together words that begin with this sound.

We also enjoyed two Seuss themed Book Buddy visits. At the first one, Mrs. Staggs read The Cat in the Hat, and then they completed a sheet in which they drew a picture of what they would hope to find inside a red box. Ask them if they remember what they drew with their buddy. On Friday, they made time to visit again and they completed our Scholastic magazine in which they learned how to identify a Dr. Seuss book. After that they were able to read some of his books together. Ask them if they remember which book that they read with their buddy.

We are almost finished with our unit on The Tug of War. They focused on wide and thin, identifying an arrow and following its direction, and listening for words that begin with the same and different sounds. Some of the focus was also on creating different patterns which paired nicely with our Math unit which also had activities that focused on pattern identification and creating patterns. It is a great way to extend their knowledge when the curricula compliment each other!

Next week we will introduce our new story, Peter and the Wolf! The music that accompanies this unit is a big part of the reason that they love it!!

Thanks to everyone for making the conferences a priority. I enjoyed chatting with each of you about your lovely children and sharing stories and observations. I know some of you were still weighing your options for next year. If we can help you to clarify or answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or the Administration.

Enjoy your weekend.

Ms. Manning