March 3, 2018 Newsletter

Good Afternoon Families,
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! We celebrated the famous childrens’ author by dressing up as his notorious cat! We had a parade through the 4yr. Old classes and Kdg. We took a group picture in the library and another in the classroom……don’t you just love it? Thank you to the parents who who sent in Dr. Seuss books for us to share all week. The children looked forward to browsing through them during quiet time.

We had such a busy, busy week at the Woods! On Monday, I introduced letter “Ii” by having everyone mix up some homemade ice cream. It was a tasty art project!

On Tuesday, Mrs. Doherty read some of “ Red Fish, Blue Fish…..”. The children then created their own brightly colored fish.

On Wednesday, the class was introduced to letter “Jj” by doing a graph of our favorite jelly bean flavor. Each child had a cup of jelly beans ( one of each flavor) and I recorded their responses on the graph of their favorite flavor. I was very impressed with their interpretation of the graph. From the photo, you can see the color that beat the others. We will make more graphs in the coming weeks.

Thursday brought Mrs. Judy Cone, ( a dental hygienist), from Dr. John Taylor’s office. She taught the children how to clean their pearly whites and foods to eat for healthy teeth.
Everyone took home a new toothbrush and coloring book. If your child has not seen a dentist, call Dr. Taylor’s office to make an appointment……your child will feel comfortable already knowing Ms. Judy.

On Friday, in computer class, the boys and girls matched up numbers and sets on the white screen. We also heard a Dr. Seuss’ book. We had another birthday to celebrate on Friday and that was Luke Hornsby who is 4 now.

Mrs. Goodson is asking for children to wear their athletic shoes because they are doing gymnastics and relay races. As we stated before, it is a safety issue in PE and on the playground.

Speaking of safety, please be patient by walking around to the other door instead of using our side classroom door. We are to keep the side door locked since it is so close to the school’s driveway. I know it is an inconvenience, but if Leslie and I unlock the door for you, we might just forget to lock it back! Thanks for understanding.

Have a wonderful, beautiful weekend!

Wanda and Leslie

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