Marching on towards March

Good evening!!

Beginning tomorrow, Ms. Staggs will read with each student individually. Mrs. Peltier and she met last week to go over the “system” on how to assign the books to your child. PLEASE send the books, folder, and sticker book back on your child’s reading day in order for them to continue to progress throughout the year.

Quarter 3 is coming to an end…already!! The last day in qt.3 is March 16th and report cards will come home on the 22nd.

March is a busy month. We will begin our Leprechaun traps this week and will have them set up to catch those pesky Leprechauns next Friday before we leave for the day. To prepare you….and please DO NOT tell your child…I make our room an absolute disaster and they LOVE it!!

I like to leave treats and treasures around the room…left by the Leprechauns. If you would like to donate items, please feel free. I can always use themed pencils, stickers, or other goodies. I am not sure who signed up for a snack that day, but it is usually something easy like green rice crispy treats and green juice or Gatorade. This is just a snack drop off event.

We will have our Spring celebration on Friday, March 30th from 11:00-12:30 with dismissal at 1:00. There will be more info to come, but every child will need to send in 12 PLASTIC, already filled and sealed eggs for the egg hunt (which will take place on the playground). This is an event that many parents like to volunteer for, but please be prepared to help and do lots of work!! Terry and Loran will get the details from me this week and will send out a volunteer list of outdoor games ideas along with snacks and drinks.

We have the 9’s and 10’s math test this week, and the 11’s and 12’s test the week after. There will be one week with no math test before Spring Break. When we return from break, we start subtraction facts, first with the 12’s. I would highly suggest beginning practicing those facts over the break, if not earlier.

As we discussed in conferences, quarter 4’s Footprint are done independently and 9 need to be completed by the end of the year. Instead of 9, I am going to change that number to 7.

All 7 Footprints need to be handed in by Friday, May 11th.

Students will present their last project of the year on Monday, May 14th. There will be more information to come in two weeks. This is an at home project and can be any of their choosing. Please no posters or drawing on a piece of paper, we are looking for creativity. The project can be constructed from materials found around the house, old boxes to make a diorama, and students are encouraged to be imaginative.

Last, I will not be here this Friday; I will be in Orlando for a wedding. Mrs. Thorogood will sub for my class. Unfortunately, we are still needing lots of reminders of how to behave and show respect in our specials classes and when there is a guest teacher in the class. I will implement a new behavior system at the beginning of quarter 4. I ask for your continued support and loving reminders that you give your children. It takes a village sometimes!!

A huge THANK YOU to the parents that made our Dr. Seuss breakfast special and delicious. All the students LOVED the green eggs, ham, bagels, and juice. Thank You!!!

If you read this message in its entirety, tell your child the secret word “March” and they will receive a small prize. They must tell me by Tuesday. Thank you and have a great evening!!