The week of March 12-16, 2018

Hello, Everyone!

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I will post this coming week by email and on the blog, but next week I will be posting everything on the classroom blog. Here is what is happening this week in fourth grade:

Mathematics: We are exploring the metric system and will complete this chapter just before we head off to Jekyll Island. Expect an open book quiz at the end of the week.

History: The research paper is coming along well. All students are busily typing in the computer lab 2 times each week. I will see how far along students are this week, and I may extend the deadline to after Jekyll Island. Our biggest hold-up is access to time in the computer lab to type. I am very happy with the time-on-task that I am seeing from students. This project is monumental, and the first time they have ever attempted anything like this work. Students are learning how to manage their time, write a paragraph with an introductory sentence, and stay with a long project until it is done! I am very proud, and I am sure you will be, too, once you see the paper!

Science: Science this month has everything to do with the trip to Jekyll Island in a week and a half. Scientists are learning about adaptations that allow organisms to survive in their ecosystem. We have built a “wetland” using a beaker, plastic tubes for plants, sponges and, of course, water. One of the things that scientists are learning is what happens to plants in a wetland when a drought occurs. The next investigation will help them understand what might happen to certain types of birds when the food that they are adapted to eating begins to die off. This is a powerful CELL, and one that students relate to well because it involves animals.

Mrs. Leagan and I are busy preparing for Jekyll Island. On Monday, March 19th, we will have a class meeting during school to inform students about what they can expect during this trip. Please let us know if you have any questions at all. In addition, forms for permission to give medications will be sent home this week. The final payment for the trip is due this Friday, March 16th. Thank you again for making this trip possible for your students!!

Have a wonderful Sunday evening. I look forward to seeing your children in the morning!

My best,
Cindy Kuegeman
Lead Fourth Grade Teacher
The Wood Acres School

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