March 11, 2018 Newsletter

Good Evening Families,

It was another fun week in class! The children pretended to be kangaroos and laced up their own pouch to wear around their waist so they could hop about the room and look for their joeys. Some joeys had different letters, so they could only pick the ones with the lower case “k” on it to match the capital “K”on their pouch. The class just loved the activity!!

For the letter “L’, the boys and girls made leprechauns sitting on toadstools. These are displayed in the classroom along with the pretty shamrocks they made in Art. We also created the cutest lady bug books for the letter “L” showing positional words like, “over, “in,” “beside,” and “on.”

In addition to the letters, the children learned about “opposites.” They enjoyed singing a song about opposites and had even more fun playing a game…….each child received an action picture card and had to find the child holding their opposite action. The pair had to say what the opposite was to the class. The boys and girls also played opposite memory game.
If you want to increase your child’s memory, play a memory game frequently with him/her. Lakeshore Learning Store sells many memory games.

Besides playing games with your child, reading to him/her is so important. While you are reading, ask questions along the way about the content. This is how you can tell if your child is comprehending what you are reading. Questions like, “How do you think the boy feels? ” “What happened first”, “What happened at the end of the book”, etc..

Speaking of reading, please turn your Scholastic book order in by Friday March 16th. You will get your books before Spring Break. Our code is DYCZB

Our Spring Party will be held on Thursday, March 29! Our traditional egg hunt will take place during the party. More info will come soon on this fun activity.

Have a good week.

Wanda and Leslie

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