5th Grade Weekly Update Week of March 12th

Math: Students loved making Pi bracelets to go with our Pi Day contest! Since we will be shadowing with sixth grade on Pi Day, our contest will be on Tuesday. We will have our chapter 7 unit test on Monday. Last week, students completed a study guide independently as a review. They were graded, and we reviewed answers in class. Then, I gave textbook pages for each problem where students could find additional practice problems. The study guide was placed in Friday Folders. Later in the week, we will dive into multiplying decimals!

Science: This week, students will explore the inclined plane. We will learn the advantages this simple machine has to offer and how it relates to the work done. Our simple machines STEM project is around the corner. Students will work in teams to design and test a simple machine using only household items! Please send in empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls if you have them at home!

ELA: This week in writing we will use our outlines that we we created about ourselves to create a well-constructed paragraph. We will add a strong topic sentence, a summarizing closing sentence, and use the transition words we reviewed last week. This modeling will help us prepare to type our research papers!

History: Students are wrapping up their presentations for their Maya, Inca, and Aztec ancient civilizations. We are going to review presentation tips to help us prepare for our group presentations the day before we leave for Camp Widjiwagan!

Other: Please send in 50 pennies with your child by Wednesday for our Shadow Day for a science experiment Mrs. Paquette has planned!

A statement of health form went home in your child’s Friday Folder, please make sure to fill it out and send it back in the Friday Folder on Monday. We need this form for our upcoming trip to Camp Widjiwagan. Attached below is a link to our packing list for the trip if you lost it!

Packing List