March 12-16

Reading We are in the home stretch of Despereaux. This will be their final literature circle group, so encourage some extra effort on those last six jobs. Remember to write in your neatest cursive and in complete thoughts 🙂

Writing We will begin emoji stories next week for writing.

Spelling Spelling words for next week are: hideous, surrender, knife, soup, mission, violence, quest, knight, shining, armor, gnarled, banquet, ignorant, empathetic, hatred, blood, flour, wept, forgiveness, and lair.

Vocabulary Please review lesson 17 words over the weekend on

Grammar Students will learn more pronouns next week and when to use I vs me.

Math Our geometry unit continues learning about perimeter, area, and volume.

History We will finish up our next 4 lessons of Rome next week and will have a quiz on Thursday. We are currently working on our fake Facebook pages in the lab for the gods. Looking forward to seeing those creations in a few weeks time!

Important Reminders
Report Cards will be coming home on Thursday. Please review, sign, and return both the envelope and the report cards.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

This Matters At Wood Acres.

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