Ms. Porto’s 4’s newsletter

Hello all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This week we introduced the letter V. We also continued to work on our literacy unit, Peter and the Wolf!

We started off the week on Monday with a vegetable sheet! The kiddos had to recognize upper and lower case V’s. They also had to identify a few color words. Then we went to Spanish where we, reviewed the parts of our day. When we returned from Spanish, we got in our own special spots in the room and made a vulture. The children did very well on this!

Tuesday we worked on coloring in a sheet with a vest on it. This helped the children recognize upper and lower case V’s. Then we went to P.E. where we did backwards rolls! This is hard but so much fun!! When we returned from P.E. we talked about different kinds of vegetables. Then we painted with some vegetables! We had so much fun making vegetable art!!

Wednesday we worked on coloring a sheet with a vase on it! This helped us to recognize upper and lower case V’s. Then they worked on writing the letter V. Once we finished with our morning routine, we went to our Art special where we continued to work on our Dr. Seuss fish. When we returned from Art, we made violets in a vase! These looked so pretty so I decided to hang them in our classroom! Once we finished lunch, we had a math lesson. We made patterns out of different rhythms! This was such a fun way to learn!

Thursday we worked on writing the letter V. The children did great on this! Then we went to our Spanish special where we worked on parts of the day like morning, afternoon, and night! When we were finished with Spanish, we got to go outside for recess! Thank goodness! We haven’t been outside all week!! Then we went to Music where we sang and danced! When we returned from Music, we had to identify pictures starting with the letter V. Then we put our fine motor skills to work by cutting and gluing! We also finished up our Literacy unit, Peter and the Wolf!

We finished off the week on Friday with a fun St. Patrick’s day sheet! The children had to complete patterns! They all did great! Then it was time to PARTY! We celebrated St. Patrick’s day! Thank you so much to Joey and Devin’s mom for making this party so spectacular! We had an amazing lucky charm rice crispy treat snack and green milk! We also made a beautiful clover for craft and of course we played tape the clover on the leprechaun! The sneaky leprechaun even visited our classroom! Ask your children what he did to our room! We ended the day with a mystery reader! Thank you so much to Aanika’s mom, dad, and grandpa for coming in to read to us! We love our mystery readers!

I hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick’s day and weekend!

Thank you,
Ms. Porto

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