The week before Jekyll Island

Dear Parents,
The month of March has been extremely busy, and now we are four days out from departing for Jekyll Island. Students performed their third quarter book reports well. We are very proud of the great showing from each student and grateful for each parent who could be present to watch his/her child present to the class. Thank you for attending! Mrs. Leagan was busy displaying the reports as the day ended today. I look forward to revisiting those reports next week when we gather together for two quick days before our exciting field study.
Monday will bring an open book math quiz, and Tuesday will hold a Chapter 6 math test for my homeroom. Students have been working with customary units of measure and the metric system so it is time to evaluate what they have learned. A packet of math problems was given out on Thursday that will help students review for the test. The packet is due on Tuesday when the chapter test is given.
We will continue to go to the computer lab to type the research paper. Quite a few students have completed their research paper so they are working on a packet of information that guides them through the history of slavery in the western hemisphere. Almost every student has handed in the African Kingdoms packet and received their test grade. That information and grade will be sent home on Tuesday in “Tuesday Folders.” Here are a few Jekyll Island reminders:
• Please complete a permission to administer medication form for each medicine your child may need and give to me or Mrs. Leagan. These forms are in students’ homework folders.
• Students need to arrive at 5:30 A.M. for a 6:00 A.M. departure on Wednesday, March 21
• Please pack a disposable breakfast/snack and drink for the ride there
• When you arrive Wednesday morning, please help your students load their luggage under the bus, help them find a seat on the bus, and ask them to use the bathroom in Turner Hall one last time! 🙂
Thank you for your support for this wonderful learning experience! Your students’ minds will be forever broadened, and the experiences that they share with their classmates will stay with them wherever they go! Thank you!
My best,
Cindy Kuegeman

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