5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of March 19th

Photo Highlight of the Week: Shadow Day was a big success with our sixth graders! Students enjoyed the STEM challenge in the science lab, rotating through learning centers to discover more about Pi, sharing Pi themed poetry, and partnering together to complete a WebQuest about ancient civilizations!

Math: Congratulations to our Pi Day winners! Colin set a record by reciting the first 127 digits of Pi! Sohini placed second with 78 digits, and Leanne was a close third with 73 digits! Check out the picture below! This week, we reviewed decimal place value and adding and subtracting decimals with a fun game of Jeopardy. We also introduced multiplying decimals, and students enjoyed creating Leprechaun emoji pictures while practicing! Next week, we will continue to practice multiplying decimals.

Science: This week, students will complete their simple machine STEM challenge. On Monday, each student should bring in 3-5 household items they think will be useful in creating a simple machine to lift a 200 gram mass weight. They will work in teams to engineer and test their machines. Some useful items may include dental floss, string, water bottles, paper plates, plastic cups, etc.

ELA: This week in Studies Weekly, students will practice their reading comprehension skills by studying how the GI Bill helped veterans returning from World War II and how helping the veterans in turn improved the economy. Students will also learn about the Baby Boomer time period and about the immigrants coming to the U.S. after WWII.

History: Students will present their Ancient Civilization reports on Tuesday. They have practiced their presentations, prepared a poster, and created a costume piece or artifact that represents their civilization! We will get another practice in on Monday before the final presentation. On Friday, we reviewed some map skills: latitude, longitude, and time zones. This quick re-cap will help them review their map skills. I’ve gathered some activities together into a map skills packet that will be due Tuesday.

Overnight Trip Reminders!
Please be sure to arrive between 6:15-6:30 Wednesday morning, and NO EARLIER! Fourth grade will be leaving right before us, so it is crucial that fifth grade does not start clogging the parking lot before their bus pulls out! We will make it out of the parking lot by 7:00 at the latest. Don’t forget a brown bag disposable breakfast for the ride and a reusable water bottle to drink throughout our time at Camp Widji. Let your homeroom teacher know if you have any more questions!