March 17 Newsletter

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!
Rainbows and Leprechauns took center stage in our classroom this week.
We made a rainbow with a prism and sunlight. The children were fascinated to see each color on the ground. We also made rainbow kites that we flew outside on that beautiful day as you can see from the photos. Also in the photos, are our cute Leprechauns. These leprechauns didn’t cause any mischief like the one that came through our room making a mess. At least he left some of his gold (candy) behind for us! Everyone became Irish for the day………I gave each child an Irish last name by adding a “Mc” or an “O” to it for fun!

This week in our Investigator Club, we learned letters M & N. We heard the story, “If You Give A Moose a Muffin,”
and we created a craft portraying the story. We made baby birds (our fingerprints) in a nest for the letter “N”.

Next week, we learn letters “O” & “P”.
A picnic is planned for Thurs. so keep your fingers crossed for good weather.
Also for next week is Our Five Senses! Fun activities are in store for that theme!

Our Spring party is Thursdsy March 29 and we will have an egg hunt. A letter went home yesterday about the eggs you need to bring. The children will love it!!

Have a nice weekend.

Wanda and Leslie

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