Home Stretch

Reading: We have finished our novel study of Despereaux and will have our fourth book test on Monday. We will do a mini book jacket project (in class) before enjoying the movie next Friday. Pj’s, pillows, and stuffies are welcome!

Writing: We are almost finished with our emoji stories, so please stop by next week and check them out.

Grammar: We will be finishing up Unit 5 on pronouns. A test will be towards the end of next week.

There will be no spelling or vocabulary next week!

Math: We will be finishing up our geometry unit next week and will have a test at some point. Please review shapes, area, perimeter, volume, congruent, similar, and graphing ordered pairs.

History: We have a few more lessons in our Roman unit to go. SO looking forward to seeing those gods, goddesses, and mythic creatures on or before Friday!

Looking ahead…
Half Day/Roman Figures Due: March 30; 1:00 dismissal

Spring Break: April 2-6

Spring Testing: April 16-25

Roman Celebration: April 26; 1-3 P.M.

Field Day: April 27

This Matters At Wood Acres.

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  • Safe Learning Environment For Everyone

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