March 24, 2018 Newsletter

Good Morning Families,

One more week to go until Spring Break (April 2-6)!! Don’t forget there will be NO TREE HOUSE on Friday, March 30 after class. Every child will go home in car line at 12:45!!!!

The class had a great time this week playing games with our 5 Senses. We played, “What’s Missing?” for our sense of sight. “Who or What is Making That Sound?” for our sense of hearing. “What’s That Smell? for our sense of smell. We tasted something salty, sweet, sour and bitter for taste. We felt an object in the mystery bag and had to guess what it was without peeking. Plus, your preschooler made a fantastic book that he can refer to over and over again. I explained to them that we INVESTIGATE or learn through our 5 Senses. We each created our own “Mr. Potato Head” to decorate our classroom.

We made an ocean scene with the letter “O” and had a picnic to reinforce letter “P”. Even though Mother Nature blew cold winds the day of our picnic, we still had fun inside (minus the ants)!

Our Spring party is this Thursday! Please don’t forget your dozen candy-filled plastic eggs for our egg hunt. Fingers crossed for a nice morning!

Next week will be letter review, plus we will learn about animals that hatch from eggs (Oviparous) and will do fun things on this subject.

We are out of Baby Wipes if anyone would be so kind to donate some to our class. Many thanks.

“Popcorn” is the answer to the question. We use all 5 senses when we eat it!

Have a splendid weekend.

Wanda and Leslie

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