It’s Spring time!

Report cards came home on Thursday. Please send them back to me signed tomorrow. You will get a paper copy once I get my original back. Thanks!!

Spring Party:

Our spring party will be this Friday, 30th, at 11:00. We plan to use our recess time during the egg hunt so our party does not interfere with any other grades/classes that go to the playground that day. Our party will last from 11:00-12:00 (or 12:30). If it rains, we will play games inside the classroom(s).

** Please send in 12 sealed plastic eggs. Please, NO CHOCOLATE (it can melt). Eggs can be pre-filled with coins, non-chocolate candies, small toys/trinkets.
**These can be handed in as early as Monday. All eggs need to be handed in by Wednesday (28th).
** Your child can bring their Easter basket to collect all the eggs from the playground.
Everyone who wants to participate needs to hand in eggs. If your child does not want to participate, please let me know so I can find other arrangements for them.

I sent home sheets of lined paper for those that asked. If you need paper, please let me know and I will send it home tomorrow.
As a reminder, 7 Footprints are due Friday, May 18th.
As I have said numerous times, I would recommend handing in 1 per week instead of waiting until the final due date to hand in all 7.

Book Report:

This week got away from me…and I completely forgot to put them in Friday folders. They will come home in tomorrows homework folder. Students will pick any book of their choosing, create a project, and write the report like a footprint. Again, please no poster or drawing on a piece of paper. It must be multi-dimensional. Please look on Shutterfly for examples under ‘Parent Information’ tab.

Spring Break assignment:

The next board that I display is your child’s Spring break adventures (outside the classroom). Please plan to take some pictures over the break and send them in when we return so they can be displayed on our board. There are two pages with small descriptions boxes that will go along with the photos (4 pictures are needed). We will work on this when we return unless you would like to do it over the break. Please let me know if you would like the packet over the break to work on.
I need 100% participation with the pictures, please. Thank you.

​Enjoy your day!! See you all this week.