Look what’s hopping this week!

This week, our unit of study is reviewing letters I through p and the theme or the week is animals that hatch for an egg. For review week, we will play alphabet mystery box and bean bag letter toss. For creativity, we will create a chick that hatchs from an egg and dye eggs. We will also graph Jelly beans and discuss our favorite flavor.

Investigator Club, we will focus on the following;
Let’s meet Bruno Buzz Bee

Alphabet Recognition: Find the letter
Objective is to understand that letters form a word.

Literally: Burno Buzz Bee
Objective is to recite the story

Friendly reminder;

Mystery reader is open. If you would like to be a part of our Feel Good Friday, please let me.

12 plastic eggs filed are due this Wednesday.

Spring egg hunt is this Thursday. We look forward to see you all there.

2 hard boiled eggs are due by Friday for Egg dying.

Early release is this Friday during carline time 12:45. Lunch will be provided.

Spring break is April 2nd through 6th. We will resume back to school in April 9th.

Thanks for help! Have a great week