Ms. Porto’s 4’s newsletter

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and a great weekend! This week we introduced the letter Z. We also started a new literacy unit called, The City Mouse and the Country Mouse. The children absolutely loved the new story!

We started off the week on Monday recognizing upper and lowercase Z’s. Then we went to our Spanish special where we reviewed the members of our family and colored in nighttime! When we returned from our Spanish special, we made our own Zoo’s. This was a long and hard task but we managed to do it! Once we finished our lunch, we worked on writing the letter Z correctly. Everyone did great!

Tuesday we started off the day with coloring in a zipper. The children had to recognize upper and lowercase Z’s. They also had to identify a few color words! Then we had some extra play time in our class since we could not go outside. Once circle and snack were complete, we listened to our new Happily Ever After story called The City Mouse and the Country Mouse. The children really liked this story and most of the class decided they would like to be the country mouse. Since we finished listening to the story early, we decided to play freeze dance! Boy was that fun! Then we went to P.E. where we tried to master backwards rolls! We also walked on the balance beam and worked on dismounting! When we returned from P.E. we had a math lesson on patterns. We read the story The Table of Phinneas Fable. We even got our own story books! The children had to fill in the missing patterns in their books. This was a lot of fun!

Wednesday we worked on coloring in a zebra. This helped the children recognize upper and lowercase Z’s. It also helped us to identify a few color words. Since it was pretty chilly outside, we had some extra playtime in our classroom. Then we read a fun story called, Miss Fox’s Peace Week. The story was about Miss Fox’s class. The animals in her class were not getting along very well so they decided to have a “peace week”. As we read the story aloud, the children had to draw what peace week means to them! Once we were finished we went to our Art special where we worked on making zig-zags! This is so cool since we are working on the letter Z! When we returned from Art we colored in a sheet with a zucchini on it! This helped the children recognize upper and lowercase Z’s. Once lunch was finished, we had another math lesson. The children had to figure out which character we were talking about based off of the clues we gave them! This was pretty fun!

Thursday we started off the day with our Spanish special where we completed our daily books! They look great! When we returned from Spanish we were finally able to run around outside for a bit! Then off to Music we went so we could sing and dance for Mr. G! When we returned from Music, we had to identify pictures starting with the letter Z. Everyone did a wonderful job on this! Once we finished we made our own zig-zag patterns! They are all so creative and colorful!

We finished off the week on Friday with a zebra coloring sheet. The children had to recognize upper and lowercase Z’s and identify a few color words. Then we had some playtime outside for recess and we even got to go to the sandbox! When we returned from playing we worked on matching zoo animals! Then we had a mystery reader! Thank you so much to Ben’s dad for coming in to read to us! We love our mystery readers! After we finished lunch we went to computer lab! We watched a video and learned a bunch of new Z words! Then we played a game on the smart board and read a nice book!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! See you all on Monday!

Thank you,
Ms. Porto

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