News Flash!

Good Evening –
It is hard to believe that we are having yet another rainy Sunday. I am looking forward to some warmer temperatures later this week.

I wanted to make sure that everyone knew what a great job Mrs. Staggs and Mrs. Barlow have been doing during my temporary assignment to help out in the 2nd grade. Mrs. Staggs is leading most of the lessons, with me floating through helping to support her and the students. Mrs. Barlow has taken on the preparation tasks and support of the students during our Specials and throughout the day. It has been going well, and the kids are actually getting some extra attention as I am with the class until alomost 12:30. I think it is turning out as a win for everyone!

We have moved on to our second to the last unit in our Reading curriculum, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse. This story is what has inspired out Country Day and City Day events. We had our City Day event on Friday. Thanks to Carolyn Mehta, Azi Nia, Molly Leeper, Hanna Franson, Mrs. Staggs and Mrs. Barlow for all of the planning and efforts on Friday. The kids had fun in the city! They played Braves baseball, painted for the High Museum, made a giraffe and went on a Zoo animal scavenger hunt for Zoo Atlanta, fished for the Gerogia Aquarium, and ate popcorn and icees for the Varsity. The parent, teachers, and kids all enjoyed the activities, prizes, and treats. It was a great day for everyone!

We will have our Country Day the Friday after Spring Break. Keep an eye out for details.

Mrs. Staggs planned a great exercise for our Science Lab this week. The kids tried a variety of veggies to discover which ones they liked. We were pleasantly surprised at how many they were willing to try, and they were surprised at how many they liked!! They really loved the crunch of the veggies. See if they rememer any new ones that they liked!!

We’ll see you tomorrow.

Ms. Manning