Spring Salutations

Hello Everybody,
I hope your student has recovered from our awesome field trip to the 4H Center on Jekyll Island. We had quite an amazing time visiting the Sea Turtle Center and learning all about Adaptations and Ecosystems. If you are heading to a beach for Spring Break, your student can now tell you how and why our beaches are constantly changing. PLEASE make sure your student brings their journal with them tomorrow because the notes they wrote throughout our field trip will be used tomorrow and when we return from Spring Break on Monday, April 9.

A huge round of applause goes to Dr. McGurk, Mr. Sullivan, and Mr. Orendorf and Senor Turner for their time, patience, and helping all of our students get to KP Duty and our classes on time. Also, we truly appreciate their assistance when Mrs. Kuegeman and I needed an extra set of hands or another pair of eyes while watching our students learn and have fun. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Regarding 4th Grade’s Terrific Times, we are moving along quite nicely and doing everything possible to complete our book project by this Friday. We are printing the stories Monday and Tuesday as well as coloring the pictures for the stories and extra pages. I really hope these book pages will not go home to be completed, so we will really focus and finish this terrific keepsake.

Tuesday, March 27, all 4th grade students will receive their report card. Please admire their progress and accomplishments for the third grading period. Everybody has worked extremely hard during the most challenging nine weeks of 4th grade. There was a lot of new material presented and writing projects that really demanded time management, great effort, and creativity. Congrats and Hats off to an awesome group of super students! Parents don’t forget to sign the report card and return both the envelope and report card as soon as you can. Thanks.

Just a reminder that Friday is Beach Day and dismissal is at 1:00. Later this week, I will give the students all the details they need in order to have a super sandy good time in our classrooms.

Mrs. Kuegeman did one incredible job planning, preparing, and packing everything we needed for our 4th graders’ first sleep-away field trip. She made sure that everybody was going to leave with many great memories. We are very lucky to have her talent and teaching experience because she makes science so much fun. I can’t wait to hear all about what our students learned and remembered from our trip to Jekyll Island.

Take care, and I hope your student is rested and ready for another fun week in 4th grade.
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade teacher
The Wood Acres School