3rd grade Spanish Class Update

Hello 3rd Grade Parents,
I hope that you have had a wonderful week, because we definitely have had a great week of learning here at the Woods!! I know that many of you are eagerly awaiting for the first signs of Spring Break. Before that though, here are a couple of updates that you need to keep in mind. We have been reviewing our Unit 4 material on “la salud”, sports, and activities. We have been continuing different vocabulary for common sports and physical activities, like “correr (to run)”, “jugar al futbol (to play soccer)”, and “hacer gimnasia (to do gymnastics)”. We have also been learning how to describe when we do these activities, and when others do these as well.

Furthermore, when we return back from our Spring Break vacation, we will take our Unit 4, Part 1 Exam on Thursday, April 12 (both 3rd grade classes). As usual, we will receive our study guides that Monday so that we can be optimally prepared for our test. I want to say that our students have had a great week, including much improvement, which is always wonderful to witness. I hope that all of our families have a wonderful Spring Break and I will see you all bright an early next Monday.