Ms. Porto’s 4’s newsletter

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This week we introduced the letter I. We also continued to work on our literacy unit The City Mouse and the Country Mouse.

We started off the week on Monday identifying color words in ice cream cones! Then we went to our Spanish special where we played shape and color bingo! When we returned from Spanish we worked on identifying pictures that start with the letter I. We also made some beautiful iris’s out of our hand prints! Once lunch was finished we practiced writing the letter I. We sure had a busy day of learning!

Tuesday we worked on coloring in an iguana. This helped us recognize upper and lowercase I’s. We also identified a few color words! Once circle and snack were over we were able to go outside! We played hide and go seek and ran some races! We sure needed to run so we could get our energy out! Then we went to P.E. where we played the pick up the trash game! The kiddos had to throw all of the balls across the line! When we returned from P.E. we made our own inch worms. We all went in our special spots in the room and cut away making the best inch worms! Once lunch was over, we had a math lesson! We learned about objects with different lengths. The children even got to find objects around our room and compare different lengths! This was so much fun!

Wednesday we worked on coloring in an ice cream cone. This helped us recognize upper and lowercase I’s. It also helped us to identify color words! Once circle, snack and recess were complete, we worked on number recognition by coloring in an igloo that had numbers on it! This was a hard task, but we did it! Then we went to Art where we started making beautiful flowers! Once lunch was over we had another math lesson. The children had to draw straws that were larger, smaller, and equal to the straw provided! They all did great!

Thursday we had our Spanish special where we reviewed colors and talked about spring! Then we went to recess and had so much fun! Right after recess was Music where we sang and danced with Mr. G! When we returned from Music, we made icky insects out of our finger prints. We also had to identify pictures that start with the letter I. We all did great!

We finished off the week on Friday coloring in ice cubes with the letter I in them. This helped us to recognize upper and lowercase I’s. Then we had recess! We sure do love our recess time! When we returned from recess we worked on writing the letter I.

I just want to say thank you all so much for everything you have done for us this week for teacher appreciation! We really appreciate it! You all are great and we are lucky to have you as parents this year! Thank you, thank you!

I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break! See you all in a week!

Thank you,
Ms. Porto

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