A wonderful Staycation thanks to you!

Happy Spring Break! Whether you are out and about on vacation or at home on a “staycation,” I wish you well! I am having a fabulous staycation thanks to you! I am in the process of heading to Pike Nursery to use the wonderful gift card that you gave me during Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you! I look forward to more “fun in the dirt!” Before heading back to class next week, I will be making a trip to Lakeshore Learning and getting my nails done-woohoo! Thank you all very much for the five days of spoiling that happened last week! Having lunch provided on multiple days was heavenly! Thank you! Thank you!!

I can hardly believe that we are in on the downswing of our fourth-grade year! What a great class of students I have had! I am enjoying reading many of the research papers this week, and I cannot wait to share these wonderful papers with you when we return next week!

Enjoy the next few days, and THANK YOU again for such a spectacular Teacher Appreciation Week!

My best,

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