5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of April 9th

ELA: On Monday, we will have our second discussion group for our novel study, Tiger Rising. This discussion will consist of a comprehension worksheet that we will check together and students should also be prepared to discuss the list of questions given to them prior to the break. On Thursday, we discussed how to appropriately lead a productive discussion and how to actively listen. Students practiced responding to others, and we will continue to practice this skill throughout the five weeks we will meet to discuss the novel. We will also continue our poetry study this week by reviewing what we learned about before the break and figurative language found in various types of poetry. We will continue to work on typing our research papers as the computer lab is available.

History: This week, we will prepare for standardized testing by reviewing the branches of government and checks and balances. We will use an interactive website to explore the various jobs each branch performs and how the branches are constructed.

Math: This week, students will continue to explore geometric concepts, including parts of a circle and circumference. We will learn how to find the area and perimeter of complex figures. We will also practice measurement with a measurement scavenger hunt!

Don’t forget! Standardized testing is April 16th through the 20th every morning. Please plan all appointments accordingly.