Welcome Back!

It was so great to see all of the kids smiling faces back in class today!! Everyone was anxious to share about their Spring Break adventures! It was fun to hear all about their time off.

This Friday we will be having our Country Day event. It is a fun day with all of our 4’s classes enjoying the activities on the same day. All you need to do is think about how you can dress your child up like they are in the country. (Blue jeans, bandanas, cowboy boots [if they have them!], plaid shirts, braids, etc….) We will take care of all of the activities. They will enjoy apple activities, make butter, plant seeds, and explore farm animals. We may even end the day with a square dance!!

They explored how things grow with their Scholastic magazines today. It was a good preparation for the planting activity they will participate in on Friday. They are also enjoying watching the progress of the sweet potato that we started growing on St. Patricks day! It has grown lots of roots and I feel sure the leaves will sprout very soon!!

They focused on identifying the different places in our everyday lives that we can find rectangles and listening for the sequence of words in their Happily Ever lesson. This was a tricky lesson, but they did a great job!!

Don”t forget to send in your forms for pictures. If you need a new one, please let us know!!

Have a great night.

Ms. Manning