April 13, 2018 Newsletter

Good Afternoon Families,

I hope you had an uneventful Friday the 13th!! I frankly don’t believe in the superstition. Who came up with the idea that Friday the 13th was bad luck anyway?

Speaking of questions, the children learned what a question mark was on Monday when we covered the letter “Q”. They also used a Q-Tip to paint patterns on the letter. I was so impressed with the art, I hung them on our bulletin board. If you get the chance, stop by our room to see both of our very cute bulletin boards and the big banner of hands made in Art class.

For the letter “R,” the boys and girls made a road out of the letter and a robot with red shiny eyes. They loved making robot voices.

We went to Computer class today. We saw the coolest video in time-lapsed motion of a seed sprouting and making roots. I had to mention to the class that the video was sped up because seeds take a long time to germinate. Next week, we will delve more into seeds. I would like EVERY CHILD TO BRING SOME SEEDS FOR OUR POSTER. Every year we make a poster showing how seeds come in different shapes and colors. No need to buy seeds, if you eat an apple or orange, just save the seeds.

Thank you for your donations of baby wipes. We have enough now to get us through the school year……..YIKES……..only 6 more weeks of school left!! This year definitely had wings!!!

Our topics next week will be letter “S,” Seeds and Earth Day. We won’t have Specials next week because those teachers will proctor testing in grade level.

Have a Super Weekend,
Wanda and Leslie

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