Weekly blog – 4/13/18

Considering it was Friday the 13th, our day was packed with a lot of fun for Country Day! Our first stop was in our own classroom where we used an apple peeler on apples to eat. The kids were amazed at how long the continuous peel was…almost as tall as Mr. Dickerson (Reid’s dad). Then we moved next door to Dr. Hill’s room, where we got to learn about a rooster, named Good Boy, who was quite handsome! Our next stop was over to Ms. Porto’s room where we learned about planting seeds and of course, the most delicious treat of Dirt Pudding…a big hit! On to Mrs. Smith’s room for a mini lesson on making butter…ask the kids how long this took. They got to enjoy what they made, with it spread on bread. The last stop was in the multi purpose room for the entire Pre-K population to square dance together. Ms. Manning and I were very impressed with their dancing skills! It was a terrific time.

Other highlights of the week:
* Finished the letter “I”
* For science this week, we made ice cream in a bag
* In Art, the kids are busy creating more beautiful work using different mediums. Can’t wait to see the finished product
* Technology day was today (Friday). Ask the kids about the different games they got to play

A huge, big SHOUTOUT to Jake’s grandparents for helping us with ice cream on Wednesday and also to Mr. Dickerson for helping us on Country Day! Loved the spur of the moment stories!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mrs. Staggs