Class Update April 16 Week

Greetings Families,
Our Fours program had a fun time during Country Day! It was so much fun to learn about gardens, how butter is made, how to peel apples, and facts about chickens. We hope your little ones enjoyed their day as much as we did. Here are some details about this week:
*This Friday is City Day. Please send your little one to school dressed in their finest outfits. No need to purchase anything special – whatever you have around the house should work. Remember to wear tennis shoes for outside playtime and City Day activities.
*Due to Standardized Testing in the upper grade levels over the next two weeks, we will not have as many specials classes (Spanish, Music, Art). We will fill that extra time with more playtime, as we understand how important it is to socialize at this age level. Our usual schedule should resume next Thursday.
*A signup has been posted for City Day items. Please visit the site if you can and see if there is something you can donate. Aside from our end-of-the-year celebration, this will be nearly the last big day where donations are needed to make it a success. Thank you, in advance, for all that you do to help us.
*Our next goal in class begins this week will continue until the end of the school year. The children will write both their first and last names on a majority of their papers. Please support us and encourage your kiddos – they can do it! And, definitely praise your little one for all his or her accomplishments this year.
*Please leave items like jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, watches) at home. They tend to get lost or misplaced.

*Please save these dates:
Date Event Time
April 20 City Day (children only)
May 25 Last Day of School/Early Dismissal/NO TREEHOUSE 1:00pm

Curriculum Notes for the Week:
*Morning Work: The children will take a few minutes to practice activities with the letter Z. We are also working on printing numbers. After morning work, the children get to enjoy some playtime with their classmates.
*Happily Ever After (The City Mouse and the Country Mouse): We will continue our unit by listening to and retelling the story, recognizing rectangles, identifying same and different word sequences, reviewing colors/sizes/position words, and following arrows.
*Letter (Z): This week we will read books with letter Z sounds. We will identify upper and lowercase Z, determine pictures that begin with Z, and make a zoo booklet.
*Science (Animals and the World Around Us): We will be learning about what plants need to grow, how they grow, and how veggies come from plants. Last week we made greenhouses with lima beans, and this week we will talk about zucchini for Z.
*Social Studies (My Country): This week we will talk about familiar symbols and then discuss American symbols.
*Math (Unit 5 Working with Numbers): We will begin our new math unit by watching items being added and subtracted from a group. We will also work with some simple addition problems.

If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.
Dr. Elizabeth Hill and Ms. Hannah Frary

This Matters At Wood Acres.

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