Ms. Porto’s 4’s newsletter

Hey all!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This week we introduced the letter Y! We also started a new literacy unit called The ABC Book! The children sure did get a kick out of this story!

We started off the week on Monday recognizing color words. The children had to color in the balls of yarn with the correct color word. Since the older kids are testing this week, we are unable to go to our normal recess and special schedule. We had some extra playtime in our class today. When we were finished having playtime, we worked on gluing yellow yarn on the yo-yo line. This was a hard task but we did it! We also worked on identifying pictures that start with the letter Y. Once we were finished with that, Ms. Thorogood said we could have our Spanish special! Boy are we lucky! We worked on clothing again!

Tuesday we worked on recognizing upper and lowercase Y’s! Then we discussed background information on our new literacy unit The ABC Book! The kids really laughed a lot on this silly story! Then we worked on identifying pictures that start with the letter Y. Once lunch was over. we made a special trip to the library to read a book. Then we finished the day off in the sandbox! What a great day!

Wednesday we worked on coloring in yarn. This helped us recognize upper and lowercase Y’s. It also helped us to identify some color words. Then we went outside for recess! Good thing we did because we had a lot of energy to get out! Once recess was over we had a science lesson. We talked about objects that may sink or float when put in water. We even made our own predictions then we observed during the experiment. Once Science was over we painted with yellow paint! This was so fun!

Thursday we worked on writing the letter Y correctly. Then we went to recess, what fun! When we returned from recess we talked about Earth Day! The children got to paint their own planet Earths! We each came up with an idea on how we could protect and keep our planet clean. These kiddos really know how to take care of our planet! Since it was so beautiful out, we decided to go to the sandbox after lunch! We had such a great day!

We ended the week on Friday working on forming the letter Y correctly! Then we had recess. When we returned from recess, we worked on identifying pictures that start with the letter Y. The children did such a great job! Then we discussed Earth Day! The children colored in their own planet Earth’s! We were lucky enough to go to computer lab! The kiddos love this special. We watched a video on the letter Y, and played games on the smart board! When we returned to our classroom, we had a mystery reader! Thank you so much to Ada’s mom for coming in to read to us! We love our mystery readers!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thank you,
Ms. Porto

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