April 22, 2018 Newsletter

Good Soggy Sunday Families,

“S” is for Seeds, Sow, Sunshine and Spring! The class delved into all these words this week.

There was an abundance of sunshine so we soaked up a lot of Vitamin D playing outside in that beautiful Spring weather. The birds are back and we enjoyed their singing every morning!
We investigated seeds and found out they differ in size, shape and color. Each child planted either Sunflower or vegetable seeds in a pot to take home. Let your child tell you what a seed and plant needs to grow. The class also planted grass seeds for a funny project which you will see later on. We added seeds to our Seed poster. This and other posters will be on display in our room.

In honor of Earth Day, the boys and girls made bagel bird feeders as their way of caring for our feathered friends. We read books on recycling, saving water and protecting nature. It’s never too soon to talk about our fragile environment.

Next week, Letters T & U are introduced and the life cycle of the butterfly takes center stage.
Lots of cool activities are planned.

Have a great week ahead.
Wanda and Leslie

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