Spring is in the Air

Every Spring life begins again. Flowers, tree, animals, and insects start the life cycle process. This week, our theme is the life cycle of a butterfly. Butterflies have one of the most extreme life cycles, going through 4 separate stages before ending up as the butterflies we see flitting about around our campus. We will create a visual stage of the life cycle of a butterfly by using verious pasta noodles and on Friday, we will create an edible butterfly by using colorful m&m’s. Yum Yum!!!
This week, our unit of study is letters T and U. We will chart words that begin with the letters T and U to help your little ones recognize the letters and sounds of the alphabet. For creativity, your little artistes will create Tony the Tiger and made edible tacos on Friday with Alexandra’s mom, Mrs. Gil. We can’t wait! For the letter U, we will create under water sea creatures and play UNO.

Investigator Club, we will meet Many Salamander, who loves to play sports.

Literacy Awareness: Lapbook Many Salamander

Objective is to listen and recite the story.

Physical Awareness: What do we wear when we play this sport?

Objective is to understand that protecting ourselves with gear keeps us protected from harm.

Social and Emotional Awesomeness: Pass the soccer ball.

Objective is to share with friends and work on being a team player.

Friendly reminders:

April 27th Feel Good Friday is sports day outdoors.

April 27th – Mystery ready is open. If you would like to be a part of our Feel Good Friday, please feel free to let me.

May 4th – Trike -A-Thon is at 10:00, please feel free to bring in a scooter or a tricycle. Please write your child’s name on it. Also please make sure you send in gear protection such as, helmet, knee and elbow pads and don’t forget to send in any payment morning of. Thank you for helping us make a difference.

May 23rd – End of the year pool party is at 10:30

May 25th – Early Dismissal is at 12:45 durning carline. Lunch will be provided that day.

If you have any question about our upcoming events, please feel free to reach out to us. We hope you have a safe and healthy week.

Ms. Orsano & Mrs. Alger