The coming week is a four day week!

Hello, Fourth Grade Parents,

Standardized testing is over, and we are very happy! Students did a masterful job of being on time, getting rest, eating well, and focusing during testing times. Thank you for your part, Parents! Without your support, your students would not have done as well. We are looking forward to seeing the results of their hard work. We should get those results just before report cards are sent out the week after school concludes. It is hard for me to believe that I will be passing this group of students on to the fifth grade in a few short weeks! Hang on because the last 5 weeks will fly by!
Here is what to expect this week in Mathematics, Science, and History:
Mathematics: We will pick up the study of fractions which we started before testing week. Fractions, decimals, and three-dimensional geometry will be our focus for the last few weeks.
Science: Students will complete the unit on ecosystems and adaptations in the lab. The last unit we will study is light and optics.
History: Instead of a test for the unit on Early Presidents, students have been placed in coopertive groups to research one of the first 7 presidents. Then they will present their findings to their classmates in the form of an oral report. Our last unit will be Medieval Europe.
Friday, April 27th is Field Day for our school. Mrs. Goodson will be sending information home this week. We will meet at Fuller’s Park that morning at about 8:30-8:45. Please have your child check in with me when they arrive that morning and tell me before they leave at the end of the day. Field Day is one of our favorite days of the entire school year! We all look forward to fun, good sportsmanship, and meeting new friends! I hope that you can come and join us during the day!
Have a great Sunday afternoon! I am off to celebrate a young man named James Wilson, who is a former Wood Acress student. He has become a Marine and will be shipping out for parts unknown the beginning of May. His mother is a former Wood Acres employee, as well, and very good friend. We are so proud of this young man and wish him the very best!

Take care, and I will see your student in the morning.
My best,

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